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High Five! Wrap-Up! Week of 9/7/09

Posted on: September 13, 2009

First off, High Five!’s top three posts of the week:

  1. Q & A with Charles P. Wilson III: Artist, The Stuff of Legend High Five! chats with the artist of Th3rd World Studios’ surprise hit.
  2. Romancing the Geeks: Disney Buys Marvel, Warner Brothers Validates DC – Maggie breaks down the finer points of the comic industry’s latest corporate shake-ups. With jokes!
  3. Gateway Drugs: The Hyper-Literate – Rob lays the hurt on folks who think they’re toooooo good for books with pit-chers.


Next up, cool stuff we didn’t do:

  1. Alan Moore Reflects on Marvelman (Miracleman) – Moore speaks on Marvel’s recent purchase of the rights to the character, and the long battle to figure out just who exactly owned the property.
  2. Elseworlds 2.0: Quicksilver Races in from Earth 3 – What if Quicksilver showed up in Flash #123 instead of Barry? We guffawed. MarvelSmartAss gots jokes.
  3. Megan Fox Loves the Three Comics She’s Ever Heard Of – I gotta say, brilliant marketing on her part, but comicsalliance rips it apart. She’s still way hotter and richer than me though, so I guess she’s got that going for her. Dangit.

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Rock over London, Rock on Chicago – Wheaties. The Breakfast of Champions.


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  • Reading Card's "Homosexual 'Marriage' and Civilization." I wonder if he'd also be against the marriage of a Kryptonian and an Earthling. 5 years ago
  • I know Spidey & Doc Ock are stuck in the same body and all, but I wish the internet would stop calling them "Spock." THAT'S JUST CONFUSING. 5 years ago
  • Is there any place more appropriate to wear my Legion flight ring than at 30,000 feet? 5 years ago
  • R.I.P. Mr. Bradbury. If it weren't for you, I would have never gotten into science fiction at such an early age. 6 years ago
  • I'm sorry, DC, but giving the Phantom Stranger a definitive origin story in the DCnU is one of the stupidest things I've ever seen. 6 years ago
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