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Web of Spider-Man Vol. 2 #1: I Thought the 90s Were Over?

Posted on: October 22, 2009

webofspiderman1Last week, Marvel relaunched the old Web of Spider-Man title and, well, the results are a bit strange. Basically, the book is a collection of three unrelated short stories by three different sets of authors and illustrators that draw heavily from characters and events of the 90s (you know, the decade where Marvel had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy). I mean, I’m all for nostalgia for the 90s (hell, I’ve been listening to nothing but Sonic Youth’s “Goo” all week). But having a title rely so heavily on that era? Seems a bit risky to me…

webofspiderman2The first of the three stories, “Echoes,” is by J.M. DeMatteis, drawn by Val Semeiks, and is aaaaaall about the clones. Parker-clone Kaine (who’s returned for the current story arc in Amazing Spider-Man) is wasting away in a prison, freaking out over his situation, when he’s visited by visions of fellow clone Ben Reilly (complete with sweet 1990s five o’clock shadow and mullet), the Jackal, Louise Kennedy, another Kaine, and Peter Parker.

webofspiderman3The second part is a continuation of the ongoing story of Spider-Girl featured in the canceled Amazing Spider-Man Family. It’s written by Tom DeFalco and drawn by Ron Frenz, the same guys who have been in charge of her since her conception in 1998. I’m assuming it starts off right where Family ended, since she’s chained up in a mafioso’s trunk and refers to things like I know what the hell she’s talking about. The best part of this story is Earth-982 Peter Parker’s sweet “Mirror, Mirror” Spock goatee.

webofspiderman4The third story is a short comedic piece called “the Last Stand of the Fabulous Frog-Man” by Sean McKeever and drawn by Stephanie Buscema (who really, really wants to be that Shag guy and is, as far as I know, not related to comics legend John Buscema). Basically, it’s about Spider-Man taking out the Kangaroo (hahaha, oh shit, I forgot about that guy) and dealing with Eugene “Frog-Man” Patillo really wanting to be Spidey’s crime-fighting partner. Hijinx ensue and MArvel promises to never ever write about Frog-Man again (or whatever).

I’m going to be honest, I don’t like giving negative reviews. But here’s the thing about this book. For being rated all ages, it is all over the place. The last story is the  kind of thing that would appeal to a younger kid à la Marvel Super Hero Squad or Tiny Titans, which is fine. But then the first story has a half-page panel of Kaine breaking Louise’s neck and blood shooting out of her nose. So as a whole, this book is appropriate for, well, nobody.

I dunno. I guess that, unless you are seriously invested in the Spider-Girl character (which it seems like a ton of people actually are), you should go ahead, skip this title, and just pick up Amazing Spider-Man (which, for once, I am actually excited for).


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