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When God Ends the World: Warren Ellis – Avatar Press – Supergod

Posted on: December 12, 2009

Warren Ellis and Garrie Gastonny started a new story in November called Supergod with Avatar Press publishing. Intended as the third installment of a thematic trilogy (Black Summer and No Hero being parts 1 & 2), Ellis and Gastonny explore concepts of superheroes, divinity, and religion. I know the idea of supermen as gods isn’t exactly new, but Ellis does manage to present a fresh feel and an engaging presentation of this underplayed concept in the mythoi of capes. Thus far we’ve followed Reddin, a scientist for the British government, as he recalls the story of how the world went to hell at the hands of gods we fashioned for ouselves – amidst the burning ruins of London.

The real strength of this book comes in Ellis’ tasteful, provocative musings on religion and the meanings of gods to humanity. Given that Ellis is an outspoken atheist it’s no surprise that he takes a somewhat pessimistic take on it all, but his thoughts are no less genuine, and regardless of any bias a reader may have, they come off as genuine rather than preachy or nihilistic. Most importantly, while Ellis is forcing us to pick apart basic values held dear by the majority of humanity, Supergod never loses focus on being entertaining.

We’re only two issues in, but Ellis’ concept of what might happen if Superheroes were real, and more importantly, how little they might be inclined to care about the humans is damned interesting. Post-apocalyptic and dystopian, Supergod is graphic, gratuitous, and more than a little unsettling at times. It’s far from light reading, but Ellis has remained fresh and interesting with this piece. He’s got me hooked and I’m anxiously awaiting issue 3.

As an aside/post-script I feel compelled to mention that Avatar Press has some seriously good titles. I recommend perusing their website for some quality indie stories.




3 Responses to "When God Ends the World: Warren Ellis – Avatar Press – Supergod"

Yes! No one else seems to be reading this title, and I’ve been trying to tell people how rad it is for the last two months. I’m glad there’s another fan out there.

True words, some unadulterated words dude. You made my day.

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