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Kick-Ass 8: The Smugness of Foreknowledge

Posted on: January 27, 2010

Counting down the weeks before Millar’s debut on the big screen, fans of Kick-Ass can sigh in relief knowing the first story arc has been concluded for them before the uncouth masses have their way with it. As such an explosive and original story, it was difficult to conceive how Millar would wrap up the mis-adventures of Dave Lizewski and his band of misfits. Insert all necessary kudos and accolades here. That said: go out and buy this book.

If you read this blog and somehow missed the existence of Kick-Ass do yourself a favor, go buy issues 1-8, and pat yourself on the back for knowing what happens before it hits screens. If the movie is great you’ll proudly announce what a wonderful and faithful adaptation it was. If Nick Cage and crew manage to botch the effort you’ll shake your head in disappointment while solemnly informing your friends what a sin it was to ruin such a great story while taking secret pleasure in recalling how it really happened. “You should have read the comic!” you’ll say in disgust. With only a few short months before Kick-Ass hits the silver screen Millar and Romita Jr haven’t given fans much time to relish the thought of knowing how it ends, but the important thing is that it’s here, it’s smart, and as per usual: Kick-Ass #8 is totally f***ing FUN.


1 Response to "Kick-Ass 8: The Smugness of Foreknowledge"

Once again, Mark Millar takes an interesting concept and does absolutely nothing with it. At least the art’s nice.

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