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Justice League: Generation Lost #1: Ooh, Do I Hate You, Maxwell Lord

Posted on: May 14, 2010

Confession time: I’m kind of going into this blind. When Justice League International broke up in 1994 in a Zero Hour tie-in, I was seven and turning my nose up at anything that wasn’t a back issue of West Coast Avengers (don’t judge me!). Before today, my knowledge of JLI was limited to the group shot on the cover of Justice League International #1 and a couple of flashbacks around the time of OMAC Project and Infinite Crisis.

Following his resurrection during Blackest Night #8, Maxwell Lord has kind of gotten the same treatment as Captain Boomerang and Professor Zoom: a collective “oh, fuck naw” and immediate pursuit from the heroes. Basically, this issue is a set-up for the 26-issue bi-weekly run of Generation Lost: Booster Gold, Captain Atom, Fire, and Ice pursue Maxwell Lord while he hops around the globe using the transporters in the JLI embassies trying to complete some as-of-yet morally ambiguous task.

The great thing about this book is Judd Winick (Green Arrow, Trials of Shazam) is writing this alongside Keith Giffen, who created the JLI way back in 1987. Considering how long Giffen actually wrote for the JLI, he’s a godsend. This paired with the excellent art of Aaron Lopresti and Matt Ryan, and this book looks pretty flawless. In just one issue, the team has made damn sure you know exactly how betrayed the ex-members of the JLI feel by Max Lord’s douchebaggery. Plus, the plot twist at the end of the issue is definitely a mindfuck (pun totally intended).

However, I do have one issue with the book . As with every other time Booster Gold has shown an ounce of clairvoyance in regards to a situation, everybody just tells him to shut the hell up and writes him off as an egotistical showboating asshole. Granted, when Giffen handled Booster in the late 80’s Justice League books, the character had only been in the DCU a little less than two years and still showed signs of actually being a bit of a dick. Considering how much he appears to have matured since the death of Ted Kord and redeemed himself following that Mister Mind/Skeets thing in 52, it seems like some of the characters would at least listen to what the guy has to say. Well, guess not.

By page two I was reminded as to why I love to hate Maxwell Lord. Really, the main reason I plan on following this book is that I want nothing more than to see Booster and the rest of the JLI gang wipe the floor with him and his stupid perpetual smirk. Add the fact that Jamie Reyes is plastered all over the preview covers for upcoming issues and, dammit, I’m sold. Congratulations, DC, you’ve got more of my money.


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