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Who Are These Nerds and Why They So Fly?

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OK, so Maggie asked me to do an About Us type thing post and that’s cool. But I’m also super tired, and that’s less cool. Doesn’t matter, I’ll do it anyways.

All right, so, in the beginning, there was no High Five! Comics. There was just us, sitting around watching ‘Logan’s Run’ and drinking gin and reading comics. Pretty much every one of these nights ended up with a discussion about the books and what ruled about them (oh-shit moments!) or what sucked about them. The only problem was that it was just us and nobody else could listen to Maggie & Jonny having intelligent conversations or me being a belligerent asshole.

Oh, hey, look, technology happened…

So who are we?

Admiral AckbarFirst, there’s Jonny (prestonwheatley). He works for the internet doing things that I don’t really know, but he ends up having pictures on the internet of him dressed like Marty McFly, so that’s kinda cool [He works for an online costume retailer ~Maggie] [That’s a lie, it’s totally a Michael J. Fox themed porn site ~Rob]. His favorite Ninja Turtle was Donatello, so that makes him boring.


Barbara GordonThen, there’s Maggie (highfivecomics). She’s owned by Jon (when they got married, they didn’t use a wedding cake topper thing, they stuck figures of Ollie and Dinah on the cake, which they had to explain to befuddled guests)… She flips burgers for a living at a burger chain you’ve definitely heard of if you’ve spent more than 5 minutes in California. Her favorite Ninja Turtle was Michelangelo, so OBVIOUSLY she’s down to party, guys.

Leonardo Ninja TurtleI’m Rob (bigchillrob). I’m Maggie and Jonny’s annoying neighbor. I’m like a mix of Roger from Sister, Sister and Walter Matthau from every movie where he played himself. My bills are also paid for by a company you’ve totally heard of. My favorite Ninja Turtle was Raphael, which totally makes sense because I love being belligerent and shouting “DAAAAMN,” giving any children in the theater their gateway swear.

Also, I guess we all read comics or whatever.



Red FraggleHava – Hava contributes posts to High Five! when she is not busy re-organizing her vast book and perfume collection in alphabetical order, OCD-style. Her very first exposure to comic books was through Archie Andrews, just like every other eight-year-old girl ever. Hava’s favorite superhero is Green Arrow, who reminds her of all the good parts of her ex-boyfriends and also because she is a bleeding heart liberal. When she is not busy writing about comics, she looks for bags of money in the street. Hava lives in Los Angeles and she guesses her favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo, but she’s not really committed to the bit.



Brendan – Brendan spent the better part of grad school writing academic-type stuff about cartoons and comic books. He originally hails from the same part of Southern California that houses HF!C headquarters, and tends to commandeer Margaret and Jonny’s stereo when drunk. Officially, Brendan K. is dead in continuity, but he remains very much alive in the real world, where he presently resides in the glorious republic of Texas.



2 Responses to "Who Are These Nerds and Why They So Fly?"

Love the candor of your style…a breath of fresh air indeed, keep it coming.

My favorite Ninja Turtles are Raphael and Leonardo…kick ass is the name of the game – right!

what u guys do are so awesome. i do have a blog about batman but its kinda lame compared to what u guys do :/

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