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Marvel vs DC: Mommy & Daddy Love You Both the Same


In the world of comics, most fans fall into one of two categories: Marvel fan or DC fan. Of course there are those who think we should all just get along, but deep down they still prefer one over the other.

And if you think both suck and like some 3rd party publisher then you’re trying too hard to be cool and no one’s impressed.

Here at High Five! we tend to lean DC. It’s not that we dislike Marvel or think that DC is intrinsically better. Except for Rob, we grew up reading Marvel.  We still own and read lots of Marvel books, and we’ve got Marvel titles on our pull lists. We just tend to find the stories and characters in the DCU to be just a little more interesting right now, and we’re posting about them more often. If you’re a Marvel fan that might be irritating to you. Sorry. Since we aren’t actually biased against Marvel, the DC:Marvel post ratio might change one day. But for now you’ll just have to accept that despite our Marvel love we’re still gonna talk about DC more.

Rock over London. Rock on Chicago. Wheaties: breakfast of champions.



15 Responses to "Marvel vs DC: Mommy & Daddy Love You Both the Same"

(Booo-urns! Booo-urns!)

So I just realized that if you a Green Arrow and M is Black Canary, Rob has to be Green Lantern. Not just any Green Lantern, Hal Fucking! Jordan.

This obviously means a roadtrip is in order.

I totally get what you’re saying about being eighter a DC or Marvel fan…but, I feel that indies sometimes produce ideas that are fresher and that’s a good thing in my book.

As for me I’ve always been a Marvel Fan (X-men). Now I support anyone who is finding the talents of indie artist appealing…

As always Great post…you create discussions worth having.

Also, note that the Flash is smoking Quicksilver. DC over Marvel? Puh-SHAW!

Your remark “you’re trying to [sic] hard to be cool and no one’s impressed” is not really a valid criticism of those who prefer independent art and publishing. If anything, it’s a throw-away, wanna-be hipster line.

If you’re honestly fine with how DC swindled Moore and Gibbons; Siegel and Shuster; et al. and if you’re OK with the way Marvel treated Jack Kirby et al., then far be it from me to try to convince you to stop feeding the corporate beast.

Yeah. We absolutely love it when large companies screw over their creative talent. That’s exactly what we said.

It’s not what you say; it’s what you do.

Sure. And you know next to nothing about what I do. Your point?

Whoa, guys. Wheeler’s back! I think we’ve got our first regular troll. I’m gonna go drink the most popular, machine-feeding beer I can find to celebrate this milestone.

Incidentally, Mr. Hall! As the resident expert on our lives how do you explain your apparent daftness in matters of sarcasm?

Faithfully & eternally yours,


I can understand sarcasm just fine. But it obviously requires more verbal prowess to convey in writing than any of the lackeys hacking away on this blog possess.

True, but it could be worse. We could spend our time antagonizing strangers on the internet. 😉

Faithfully & eternally yours,


All right, I’m putting on my super-serious hat for a hot minute.

This little blurb was one of the first things written on the blog. Since it was written, things have changed. We’ve delved into the world of the indies extensively. Not only has my opinion of the Marvel vs. DC debate made a complete 180, but my opinions on certain aspects of the industry as a whole have as well.

The bloggers associated with High Five have since made friendships and partnerships with companies such as BOOM, Th3rd World, and IDW. I have also been inviting authors of homemade comics to submit issues for review. Because of this, I’d been considering removing this post in its entirety.

Because of your comment (and the conclusion that you’d most likely consider its deletion an act of cowardice), I am going to leave this post as is on top of the page (at least for now).

I will admit our responses to you have so far leaned towards childish, and for that I apologize. But remember, as this is the Internet, no one is forcing you to read our blog. If you don’t approve of what we say, move along.

Can I go back to wearing my smart-ass hat now?

I think both great

We can see the professionalism in the history of both

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