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Hi ho, happy readers it’s Jonny here!

Who even writes for this blog anymore? Certainly not us! Anyway, I just read a magnificent issue of Swamp Thing from the year 1996!

Clinton was in office and Dole wanted to oust him. Newt Gingrich had signed some weird “Contract with America” and the world of American politics was as nutty as ever. Apparently disgusted with himself, the comics industry, and left-wing socialist nut-jobs Mark Millar enlisted the incredible talents of Curt Swan to create this fascinating bit of satire.

If you’re familiar with Alan Moore or Rick Veitch’s work on Saga of the Swamp Thing then you know Chester Williams as an eco-friendly former hippie that loves tubers and teams up with the Swamp Thing to battle evil.

But that was before he saw the Contract!

Professor Chester Williams is at his apartment throwing a party with another professor and some of their students. The kids are dancing, drinking, getting high, and engaging in other immoral activities. After a living the hippie dream this party serves as a wake up call to Mr. Williams and he’s had enough! Chastising a young lady for strip-dancing at the party Chester proceeds to kill the music and call the cops on his students.

Disgusted with the loose living of these young liberals, Chester decides to join the NYPD and clean up America. After killing a few bank robbers (illegal immigrants no less!), saving a woman from being robbed [Ed. note: a “dyke,” who he then kisses so hard she goes straight and marries him], and plenty of good old fashioned liberal bashing, Chester receives word that the Swamp Thing is giving the world’s leaders an ultimatum: stop polluting or else! As an old friend of this Elemental, Officer Williams decides to pay a visit to Houma, LA to try and talk some sense into the old Swamp Hippie.

After a stern lesson on economics, the importance of international trade, and a plea for Swamp Thing to “grow up”, Chester convinces Swamp Thing that the earth doesn’t need a paradise and things are best left as they are. Chester then returns to New York where he defeats incumbent Bill Clinton and becomes President of the United States of America!

Conservative ideals win again!

Happy readings!

– Jonny

[Ed. note: Despite Mark Millar’s bizarre introduction to the issue claiming it is the first “clean issue in a sick run of an evil book put together by diseased individuals,” editor Stuart Moore later promises it was “an Elseworlds story” and “a bad trip or something.” Thank God.]


Comic books are full of characters getting second and third chances. Resurrection, redemption, time travel, and deals with the devil are so commonplace that superpowers might just as well come with a big undo button.

Dennis Sykes isn’t so lucky. He works a soul-crushing job as a banker, only to come home to his wife and unappreciative adopted niece. After a horrific accident involving some medical waste (seriously, it’s pretty fucked up), Dennis is informed by Reed Richards that he has developed some sort of super-cancer and has only one month to live. Also, he has developed the power to reshape matter. So, what do you do when you’re suddenly both one of the most powerful men in the world and being forced to come to terms with your own mortality? Do you spend all your time running around bettering the world or spending it with your loved ones?

This is the question posed by One Month to Live (or 1 Month 2 Live), written by Rick Remender (Punisher War Journal, XXXombies) with help from John Ostrander, Stuart Moore, and Rob Williams and gorgeously drawn by Andrea Mutti (The Executor, Marvel Zombies Return). Seriously, Mutti is an artist to keep an eye on. He seems to have a knack for drawing a wide range of emotions, as Dennis pretty much goes through every one imaginable. Plus, as it’s a weekly five-issue limited series, it really lets you know exactly how finite Dennis’ time really is, as the book ends when he does.

It’s been a while since we’ve recommended a drink to go with a comic, but in this case it’s warranted. Get your hands on some Duggan’s Dew scotch and drink it straight. It’s cheap, it’s strong, and I can guarantee, you’ll pretty much need it.

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